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WORKOUT BASICS FOR FALL Key Things To Remember if You Are Trying to Gain Muscle
by Bob Bonham


Bob Bonham's - WORKOUT BASICS FOR FALL Key Things To Remember if You Are Trying to Gain Muscle
NEW YORK—So you are back at the gym after a summer of rest and relaxation, but you are uncertain how to achieve your goal of gaining muscle? Fall and winter are the best times to bulk up, but one needs to take the proper steps to build a great physique. Here, fitness expert BOB BONHAM of STRONG & SHAPELY GYM in East Rutherford, NJ offers general advice for those looking to gain muscle and tone up.
Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.


SAVE CARDIO FOR AFTER LIFTING WEIGHTS: Generally it is a good idea to do cardio (bikes, stair-climbing machines) after you lift weights. If you do cardio first, you may be too tired once it is time to lift weights. You may also want to consider doing cardio on separate days when you are not lifting weights.

BEST TIMES TO EAT: Remember the two times when it is most important to eat—when you wake up and after you train. It is crucial to eat breakfast so that you are not tired later in the day, especially when you work out. Always try to eat something before a workout, even if it is only a protein bar, so that you are not training on an empty stomach. Eating after a workout is also essential because your body needs to replenish all the energy you have just used up. A meal consisting of carbs and protein should be eaten within an hour of working out.

REMEMBER TO REST: One of the biggest mistakes people make, especially beginners, is not taking enough time off between workouts. If you are just starting out, it is not a good idea to train more than four times per week. Your muscles need time to rest and recover; this is what makes them grow stronger. A good rule of thumb: If you are really sore the day after a workout, take a day off to rest, or certainly do not train the same muscle group if you do decide to go to the gym. Also try to get a full eight hours of sleep each night.

NUTRITION BASICS: If you want to gain muscle, you will probably need to add an additional 2,500 to 3,000 calories to your diet each week for each pound of muscle you hope to gain. Start out gradually by eating five to six smaller, high-protein meals each day instead of three large ones. While protein powders and multivitamins are good things to use, do not waste your money on too many nutritional supplements. The best way to build your body is with real food.

CHANGE WORKOUTS REGULARLY: People often do the same exercises week after week, but after awhile your body gets used to them. In order to build muscle, you must consistently add new exercises to your workout routine. Try not to do the same type of exercises for more than two weeks. If you normally train each body part once a week, try training your arms, chest or legs twice a week for a while. Mix up your routine. Try to lift more weight over time. Variety is key to getting results. Keep a journal of your workouts so that you can track your progress.

SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF: Remember to set goals for yourself so you have a plan of action when you work out. Tell yourself what you would like to achieve in two or three months, and then take steps to achieve that goal by adjusting your training regimen and diet accordingly. Just make sure your goals are realistic. Do not set yourself up for disappointment by thinking you are going to gain 50 pounds of muscle in a month. With proper diet and exercise, you can naturally add a few pounds of muscle in a few months’ time. If you are uncertain how to achieve your goals, consider hiring a certified personal trainer for a few sessions to help you design a workout routine and diet that will put you on the right track for building lean muscle.

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The September 2007 issue of Men’s Exercise includes a feature on Bob Bonham’s tips for healthy eating for busy people in the magazine’s “Fantastic Facts” column. The January 2007 issue of Exercise for Men Only magazine wrote that Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ is “widely renowned as one of the best training centers in America.” The gym is the training center for everyone from top athletes to business people just trying to stay in shape. The gym has 334 workout stations, with 12 computerized circuit machines (9 in stretching rooms), 60 leg machines, 35 for chest, 30 miscellaneous benches, 5 Smith machines, plus 1 neck, 14 shoulder, 41 back, 72 cardio, 7 lower back, 25 ab and 23 arm machines. Also look for 40, 675 pounds of free weights, 20,000 lbs of plates, 17, 700 lbs of dumbbells, 2075 lbs of fixed barbells and EZ-curls, 990 lbs of Olympic bars, and a posing room and sauna.




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