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There Are NO Excuses for Not Getting in Shape!
By Bob Bonham


Now that summer is over and winter is fast approaching, there are no excuses for not going back to the gym and trying to get in shape, says Bob Bonham, owner of Strong & Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ. With all the unpleasant events happening in the world right now, nothing can do more for your spirit and well-being than staying fit and working out regularly.

Here is Strong & Shapely’s list of the most common excuses people make for not going to the gym.

1. " I Have No Energy to Work Out When I Get Home from Work." This is the lamest excuse for not training, but one of the most common. If work wears you out, get up an hour earlier in the morning to exercise. Training first thing in the morning will energize you for the rest of the day. If you can’t train in the morning, drink plenty of water at work and add in a few healthy, high-protein, low-fat snacks during the day. If you have several small meals at work during the day, you will have more energy in the evening when it’s time to work out.

2. " I Have No Time to Work Out." This is nonsense. Make time. Surely you can set aside half an hour three times a week to train, jog or do some sort of exercise. Make training part of your weekly routine, like working, running errands or shopping. You spend a lot of time doing things for your employer, family and friends. You also need to do something for yourself. Make going to the gym your time. It’s for your health.

3. "I’m Sick of My Workout Routine." If you’re getting tired of doing the same exercises at the gym, make changes. For example, if you normally only work out with machines, try using some light free weights at the gym (ask someone on staff to show you how to do a certain exercise). If you normally ride an exercise bike for your cardio, switch to a stair-climbing machine. Your body will respond well to periodic changes in a workout routine, and you’ll likely get better results.

4. "I’m Just Not Motivated to Work Out." If you’re not motivated to train, invite a friend to exercise with you. Make plans for both of you to work out on a regular basis. Also, stop thinking about what you haven’t done in the past. Think of what you can do in the future. Try to make every workout worthwhile and do as much as you can. If you’re tired one day and don’t get in a great workout, that’s fine. Just make sure you put in an extra effort the next day at the gym.

5. "Working Out is Work, and I Work All Day." Stop thinking of working out as work and instead consider how rejuvenating it is. Training is a great way to relieve the stresses and tensions of the day. You may not feel like going to the gym after work, but when you do go and work out, you almost always feel great once you’re done.


Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.





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