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2001: A Post-Holiday Shape-Up Odyssey
by Bob Bonham


You probably ate and drank excessively over the holidays, and will likely break your New Year¹s resolutions by February. Here are ways to work off holiday pounds sensibly.

SET REALISTIC GOALS: Don¹t tell yourself you¹re going to lose 50 pounds in a month. Nobody could lose 50 pounds in that short of a time span without seriously jeopardizing their health. Resolve to lose a pound or two a week by following a nutritious, low-fat, low-calorie diet.

EXERCISE: Make some changes in your routine. Move from exercise to exercise with little or no resting time between so your resistance (weight) training will be cardiovascular, and will also increase strength and muscle tone. This will save hours and hours of drudgery on the stair-climbing machine or the stationary bicycle trying to burn off those holiday calories.

DIET: Don¹t go on a starvation diet. It will only result in your binging at a later time and putting on additional weight. Cut down on your sodium intake. Read labels. Don't add salt, and avoid processed meats that are loaded with added sodium and MSG. Drink lots of pure, filtered bottled water. Try steaming and microwaving foods, keeping oil at a minimum. Cut down on those carbs if you only get limited exercise or have a sedentary job. Remember lean protein and steamed vegetables are key to weight reduction, while sweets are your enemy. Sugary snacks are simple carbohydrates that will only give you temporary energy, and may turn to stored fat if you don¹t burn up the calories.


Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.





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