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by Bob Bonham


Everyone who does a sit-up or a pushup in an effort to change the way he or she looks can be considered a bodybuilder. Whether you¹re a competitive or recreational bodybuilder, you have to stand proud. Your lifestyle should be devoted to positive things: good health, proper diet and exercise‹all things that are rooted in positive social values. Bodybuilding is about getting and staying healthy via natural means, toning your body and also shaping your mind simultaneously. It is a lifestyle that should be discussed with family and friends, so that they too can change their lives for the better.

As each generation grows up, there seems to be a slip in values. When I say that our values are slipping, I¹m talking about a growing lack of respect for others. Think about what your grandparents taught your parents, and your parents taught you, and what you¹ll try to teach your kids. Can you see that things that were once held in high esteem are now viewed with confidence and disdain?

We¹ve got to change this perception back to something positive. You, as a bodybuilder, have all the skills you¹ve learned through proper training and dietary discipline. (And it certainly takes discipline to diet and consistently work out.) By concentrating on your body, you¹ve learned how to respect it and yourself. You¹ve learned how to reach goals in the long and short term. You¹ve learned how to respect others through proper gym etiquette.

If you simply apply the techniques of discipline and respect that you have for your body to your outside life and how you treat others, you will become a better person as a result. The idea is that now you can lead by example and show others how to be a confident and happy person. You can create a less-stressful environment for those around you and they will pick up on your actions.

If you follow these ideas, you will see that, as a bodybuilder, you can help change both your own body and the world around you.


Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.





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