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The Myth About Stair-Climbing Machines & "Spinning"
by Bob Bonham


Most people go to the gym and use stair-climbing machines or pedal backward in "spinning" (indoor group cycling) classes. These are both fabulous exercises, but people get the idea that they are toning their hamstrings and buttocks. Computer analysis done by Weill Medical College at Cornell University showed that the quadriceps actually do a lot of the work when you use stair-climbing machines or take "spinning" classes.

If you really want to tone your buttocks and hamstrings, you should also try doing lunges, or even try doing some squats on a squat machine. You should also try the leg-curl machine to tone your hamstrings. Stair-climbing machines offer great aerobic exercise, but remember that they mostly tone your "quads," as bodybuilders often call them.


Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.





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