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Healthy Eating for Busy People
Ways to Eat Healthy ‘On the Go’ Even if You Have No Time for Exercise
by Bob Bonham


Bob Bonham's - Healthy Eating for Busy People Ways to Eat Healthy ‘On the Go’ Even if You Have No Time for Exercise

NEW YORK—Most working people often use the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise. While that may be true for some who refuse to “make time” to work out, there is simply no excuse for not eating healthy. Many of us order greasy take-out food or calorie-laden burgers and fries when we get crazed at work and have little time to eat during lunch or those late nights in the office working on a project with a fast-approaching deadline. It is possible to eat healthier meals at work and even save a little money if one is willing to do some planning, says Bob Bonham of Strong & Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ. Here, Bonham offers tips for healthy eating for busy office workers that are constantly on the go.
Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.


Plan Ahead on Weekends: Spend an hour on Saturday shopping for healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables, chicken breast, rice that can be microwaved, and even those frozen “lean” dinners that have fewer fat and calories than other prepackaged foods (they may not be the tastiest option for lunch, but they are certainly cheaper and less fattening than that overpriced burger and fries available at the fast-food joint near your office). Now, spend another hour on Sunday preparing the healthy foods you bought on Saturday. Invest in a good food-sealing machine that you can use to package cooked chicken breast and other lean meats that can be frozen and then heated up in the microwave at the office during the week. Put fresh vegetables in airtight re-sealable containers that you can store in the office fridge. Also buy quick healthy snacks such as bags of salt-free pretzels, granola bars, protein bars, and packets of raisins that you can easily take to work with you and put in your desk to satisfy those afternoon hunger pangs. Buy a week’s worth of yogurt cups and keep them in the office fridge for a midday treat. Not only will you save money and also be eating healthier if you plan your meals and snacks for the work week—you’ll also be able to spend more time focusing on work since you won’t be wasting half an hour running out to buy lunch or waiting for it to be delivered.

Don’t Skip Breakfast: You’ve heard this one before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t normally have time for breakfast, get up 10 minutes earlier and eat a high-fiber, non-sugared cereal with skim milk, eat hardboiled eggs that you prepared the night before, or whip up a quick protein shake or smoothie in the blender. Eating a good breakfast will make you feel energized for the day, and also help you avoid snacking on junk food.

Buy Frozen Veggies & Zap Them in the Microwave: Did you know that most registered dietitians say frozen vegetables are actually good for you if you cook them in the microwave? Microwaving frozen vegetables actually helps the produce maintain its natural vitamins. Put individual portions of frozen vegetables in freezer bags or put them in airtight bags by using a food-sealing machine. It only takes a few seconds to heat up some healthy, vitamin-rich veggies at work in the microwave. And speaking of vitamins: If you’re not eating properly balanced meals each day, a multi-vitamin can help supplement your diet.

Hang Out with Coworkers Who Also Eat Healthy, & Avoid Those Who Don’t: If you know people that like to eat healthy and also bring their lunch, snacks, etc., plan on eating lunch with them in the company break room. It’s good to feel some moral support by eating with people at work that also don’t want to clog their arteries with burgers and fatty lunchmeat sandwiches. If you have coworkers that try to persuade you to go out and eat greasy pizza, etc., one day, politely tell them that you are on a deadline and will be eating your lunch at your desk.

Avoid Coffee, & Sodas: Do you get jittery after two cups of coffee in the morning? Do you drink sugary sodas—and then “crash” after the sugar rush wears off? Try sticking to water. Water is the best thing for hydration, and most doctors recommend drinking several glasses a day. Drinking water also helps you feel “full” and less hungry. Reserve coffee and sodas as occasional “treats.”

If You Must Eat Out, Stick to Smarter Choices: Okay, so you can’t bring your lunch everyday and sometimes you may want to treat yourself and go out to eat for lunch. It’s perfectly fine to do so, and it’s okay to have that occasional “cheat” meal so that you don’t feel that you are depriving yourself. If you go to a fast-food joint, opt for healthier types of foods, such as substituting baked potatoes without sour cream and butter for fries, ordering a burger or chicken-breast sandwich without mayonnaise, or eating a salad with low-fat dressing.


The January 2007 issue of Exercise for Men Only magazine wrote that Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ is “widely renowned as one of the best training centers in America.” The December 2005 issue of MuscleMag International noted: “Bob Bonham is one of the great experts in the field of health and fitness.” The gym is the training center for everyone from top athletes to business people just trying to stay in shape. The gym has 334 workout stations, with 12 computerized circuit machines (9 in stretching rooms), 60 leg machines, 35 for chest, 30 miscellaneous benches, 5 Smith machines, plus 1 neck, 14 shoulder, 41 back, 72 cardio, 7 lower back, 25 ab and 23 arm machines. Also look for 40, 675 pounds of free weights, 20,000 lbs of plates, 17, 700 lbs of dumbbells, 2075 lbs of fixed barbells and EZ-curls, 990 lbs of Olympic bars, and a posing room and sauna.
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