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A Fan's View of Pre-Judging
by Bob Bonham


Bob Bonham's - A Fan's View of Pre-Judging

The buzz going around this year is which Ronnie will show up? Is he too old, is his left tricep and Lat torn, can he at 43 pull it off one more time?!

Rumors are flying; Jay is big and incredible. His training partner Eric shows us pictures on his cell from 3 weeks ago-WOW! He’s physique is thick, hard, and full.

Ronnie’s girlfriend Alti says he is ON! I only live 15 minutes from Victor, his girlfriend and their baby, and Tammy says he is looking real good.
Bob is a regular contributor to many bodybuilding magazines.


I started polling people while on the plane ride from Newark, NJ; two hardcore guys & INBF Fitness Pro, their predictions; Jay, Victor, and Ronnie.
At the Expo I ran into 1994 Teen National winner Hollis Lieberman. He predicts Jay, Ron, Vic, Dexter, & Badell.

Rick Collins: Body Builder’s lawyer & writer for MD Magazine say his guess is, Jay, Vic, & Ron

Pete Grimkowski: who bought the original Gold and turned it into the franchise it is today- his pre guess; Jay.

IFBB Pro Idress Wardell says; “same as last year”.

Lee Labrada and Chris Cormier: both say in no particular order; Jay, Ron, Vic.

Larry Pepe: who started the body building radio web casts, and he’s the author of “The Precontest Bible”; his prediction, Jay, Ron, & Vic

Brenda Kelly-Pro Fitness/swim suite model, she predicts; Victor, Jay, & Ron

The 1st round
They come out one at a time. My notes and first impressions;

Dennis Wolf: Great conditioning! His Lats are a little high and he needs more calves. He should place top 5.

Dexter Jackson: Full complete classic Jackson.

Quincy Taylor: His trainer IFBB Pro George Farrah told me he was at his best, so I’m a little disappointed.

Hidetada Yamagishi: He is thick with a good physique. There were hundreds of shell shaped fans with his picture on them being waived in the crowd. That was pretty cool! Victor: Flows so nice, the best I’ve ever seen him! He has great separation on side thighs and Hams.

Eddie Abbew: Out classed in this show. He’s just big like the hundred of bouncers in New York City.

Gustavo Badell: He has a very lean face. He looks really good to me.

Tony Freeman: The X-Man is off; everyone was expecting the top 4 or 5 even.

Vince Taylor: Age is showing, but he is still better then 99.99% of the competitors on earth.

Markus Ruhl: Liked his hard music

Paco Bautista: So far Mr. O from his thighs down

Ronnie Coleman: Came out to his “Raise the roof” pose. He is hard, but he doesn’t have the same dominant look. His legs looked a little to lean from behind and a slightly small left Lat.

Will Harris: I liked this guy’s look very thick, small waist, and almost grainy texture.

Jay Cutler: He comes out way off. It looks like a water problem

After the first round I have it! It will be Victor, Ron, Dex, Jay, Wolf, and Badell.

2nd Round Comparisons:
1st call out by judges (in no order); Victor, Ron, Dexter, & Jay.

I thought Victor won every pose. Jay is starting to look much better.

2nd call out (in no order); Wolf, David Henry, Melvin Anthony, but no Badell?

Ab shot to Silvo and most muscular to Melvin

Markus Ruhl is being called in at the later call outs. What’s up with body building when Markus can’t Ruhl?

Another Poll:

Dr. Carlton Coulker, doctor to pro-athletes and Body Building author and Triple H (WWE super star) has it, Vic, Jay, Dex, Ron, Dennis. Most of the audience has it pretty much the same.

Last Judge Call out of this round (in no order), Vic, Jay, Ron, Dex, & Melvin Anthony. End of round 2 and a very exciting and surprising Pre-Judging.

Bob Bonham is the owner of Strong & Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ. 201-896-1360 or www.strong-and-shapely.com



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