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It is great to walk into an establishment and be welcomed both with a smile and a friendly greeting by the staff. This was my first attraction to Strong and Shapely Gym. During my trial period, my second attraction became apparent…Strong and Shapely Gym is clean and well-kept both by the staff and the other members. As a female member, to other gyms in the past, I was frustrated working out with weighted bars and machines because the majority of my workouts consisted of racking other member’s weights. At Strong and Shapely Gym, the only weights I rack are my own. In part, my motivation to attend the facility regularly is the majority of the patrons, like myself, have a fitness goal. I like working out in an environment where I have to strive to meet my goals and go beyond my potential. In the brief months that I have been a member, of Strong and Shapely Gym I, again, look forward to working out, I feel energized, and I have a more restful sleep. Of course, the side effect of being a member of Strong and Shapely Gym is I lost nearly fifteen pounds and dropped a clothing size.


One happy member,

Heather Nydam


I have had four pleasant and productive years at Strong and Shapely Gym, working out and interacting with other serious members. We all enjoy the positive atmosphere, the abundance of machines and free weights, the use of the saunas, the absolute cleanliness, the opportunity for professional training - and not to be forgotten - the welcoming attitude of the entire staff. I have seen myriad gyms in my many years of travel and am amazed at how shoddy and non-professional the majority of them are. I have asked many S & S members for their advice on how to build a certain muscle group, or how to do a certain exercise, etc. Each time I asked, all of them were happy to share their knowledge with me...without hesitation! At the other gyms, when I asked for advice, I was given the "cold shoulder." The staff at these other clubs had only one mission: get more money from me; training was secondary.


Without hesitation, I would recommend Strong and Shapely Gym (as I have done many times in the past) to anyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their lives, while improving their overall health!



Jeff Walensky (Member since 2003)


I have been coming to Strong and Shapely since 2003 when I wanted to get in shape for prom season in highschool and I am still a member. It's a great gym, I always get a great hello and a nice greeting from the staff. They are very friendly and fun to converse with. The gym is very clean and well put together. The members are also very friendly and all have positive attitudes, all of their muscles motivate me. The classes are fun and are very motivating too, I always felt weird or scared to take an excercise class but they made me feel comfortable. I love this gym and will continue to be a member. Its convienent for me and a great place to work out.


A Satisfied Member,Christina Trefurt


Strong & Shapely Gym is a gym which is a pioneer in the Fitness Industry. It is one of the best gyms in the country! Bob Bonham (owner) has shaped the fitness industry in many ways. This gym has the key ingredients; atmosphere, constantly updating equipment, great staff, and you can’t beat the price!! I have been a member of Strong and Shapely for the last 20 years and have not missed many days. Thanks Bob, for all you’ve done!


Russ Parisi

"The Disneyland of Gyms" - Kathy Marcos


"One of the finest gyms I have ever trained in" - Silverspoon


"One of the best gyms on the east coast" - Robert Lopez


"The Mecca - HANDS DOWN!" - Branden Ray


"Bob couldn't have treated us better when we trained there" - Noel Fuller


"The gym was featured in Powerlifting USA" - The Big Fan